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Going solar should be easy!

Going solar is a big decision, but it should be easy. That’s why Celestial Energy has taken on the task to provide you the easiest transition from paying an electricity company endless amount of money to switching to solar and immediately saving.  

We believe in honesty and that’s why we focus on giving our clients the best customer experience with honest prices. So we promise to either beat and/or match any price other companies gives you. 


With us, you will have to pay no money down, you will save from day one, and the equity of your house will increase by over 4%. Depending on the utility company, you might qualify for a pay back credits plan when your system produces more than what you consume. Along with the 26% off of solar system (in tax credit) that the government extended for one more year, solar for your house is a no-brainer. It's not a matter of if you'll save with your house, but how much. You'll see immediate savings and money back in your pocket. Once you go solar, you will look back and wish you did it earlier. Over the years, you will save thousands of dollars.

If you treat the solar payment like a car payment, the average return on investment is 4-6 years. Going solar is a no-brainer! Just make an appointment with us and you’ll see.  

Process and experience

From getting the right permits to enjoying your new system, we take on the responsibility. The moment you decide to go forward with the appointment, we’ll do the site survey and then do all the permitting. Once everything goes through, we’ll have a smooth install. The process on your end will be smooth and seamless. We want this to be a pleasant transition, so we take care of everything so your experience is as comfortable as possible.  

Design and efficiency

Not everyone is a good candidate for solar, so our team uses the newest technology to determine if you are a good candidate. Whether you have a small electricity bill or a large one, most likely you will be a great candidate for solar. We create our proposals based off of your personal electrical usage. So even if you don’t use a lot of electricity, the smaller system we design will most likely make a lot more sense than the current bill you’re currently paying. 

If you are a good candidate, our engineers design a custom panel layout on your house as efficient and aesthetically pleasing as possible. We want you to save money while making the solar on your house look great. 


From panels to inverters and batteries, we provide you the best quality products. Our equipment is built to endure the worst conditions, and with the 30-year production warranty, you know you will be covered in time of need.  

About us

A little about us. Our team comprises of workers that have experience in the solar industry since 2012 as photovoltaic engineers, energy experts, project managers and others.  Our experience spans from designing for the largest solar companies: Tesla/SolarCity, Sunrun, Elevation Solar, Icon and others. We are partnered up with Ultra energy as the install company because they are some of the best in the industry with over 500 5-star reviews on Google and 5 stars on BBB. When it comes to quality and knowledge, Celestial Energy along with Ultra Energy will provide the best experience and product knowledge you can find along with the best price. In a competitive market where most are over-promising and under-delivering, honesty matters and this is why that is our moto. Honesty matters. 

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